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child custody

Children come first in divorce and in family law. In South Carolina, our #1 goal is to look out for the best interest of the child. If you have concerns regarding shared parenting arrangements, child alienation issues, relocation with a child, modification of custody orders or other issues with child custody our attorney is here to find a solution for your family. Contact our office for your issues with child custody.

property asset division

Our attorney knows that dividing your marital property often means parting with half of your assets, some with vivid memories and emotions attached. Here at The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz, we will listen to your story and your goals. Based on that, we will create your strategy and guides you towards the best possible outcome for a fair and meaningful property & debt division.


Divorce means moving on and opening another chapter. Whether you are at the beginning, in process, or at the end of resolving your matrimonial issues, our office will lead you through all the loops and holes of Divorce. In South Carolina, Divorce can be complicated and expensive. If you cheap out on the lawyer, you may lose way more than you spend on them. The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz is here to hold your hand and walk you through the confusion and issues that may arise. Contact us today!

family law settlements

The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz wants a peaceful exit. Doesn’t everyone? If you or your spouse are wanting to separate feelings from divorce, family law settlements are your way to go. If there is an opportunity to depart ways peacefully, our office will focus on settlements over conflict. Whether we settlement by mediation or arbitration, Ms. Kotz is here to listen to your individual needs and goals and offers advice on the best path to reach your family law settlements. We will strategize negotiations and settlements with the same thoroughness and intensity as when preparing for litigation.

estate planning

The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz is here to help you make decisions today that will your life and the lives of the people you care for easier. Ms. Kotz is here to help you plan what will happen to your family when you die or become incapacitated and unable to manage your own affairs. Creating an estate plan is important to protect your families assets and how the assets will be distributed in the event of an untimely death or debilitating illness. If you are interested in putting together a plan that will simplify the lives of those you love, contact The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz today.

child support

Child Support is the right of the child. It’s not your right. It’s not your spouse’s right. So when you think about Child Support, think about your child benefitting from it. Even if you think a large portion of child support is being spent on your ex and not just the child. Child Support is a very complex area of law simply because children have so many different expenses.

criminal and civil litigation

The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz will aggressively pursue resolutions in criminal defense and civil disputes. After working on nationwide class actions, thinking strategically is second nature to Ms. Kotz. She is methodical in her preparations to gather crucial evidence and build your case. Using modern technology and techniques at her disposal, she conducts a thorough investigation of your case.

parental responsibilities and guardianship

Parental responsibilities are the ability to make decisions for the child and generally ensuring the care and protection of the child. Parental responsibilities may mean making day to day decisions for the child, or making major decisions such as the child’s religious upbringing, education, activities, residence, etc. The Law Office of Tasha J. Kotz focuses only on the best interests of the child and in doing so, has refined our innovative approach to each of our cases. We know your child means the world to you and we take decisive steps to protect him or her during and after your separation. Contact us today regarding any parental responsibility or guardianship issues.