Timeline of Events

After making a consultation, think about what is making you want to meet with an attorney. The easiest way to get out all of your thoughts and/or questions is to make a list or create a timeline of events that led to that decision. Take your list and your timeline with you to your consultation. This will be an effective tool in making sure you tell the attorney all of the information.

List of Questions

The most prepared clients are the clients who get the most out of their consultation. Make a list of questions you have so you do not forget anything you may be wondering during your consultation. As an attorney, I understand legal websites and Google are not always the most helpful platforms in gaining an understanding of your situation. Any attorney should be able to answer your questions and explain to the best of their ability the complicated legal issues at hand.

Keep your paperwork organized

The legal world involves a lot of paperwork and you may not have a clue what you are looking at when you are served. Let the attorney answer those questions for you. Keep all of your documents and bring them with you to your consultation. Whether it is paperwork you were served with, information about prior legal proceedings you may have had, a copy of your divorce decree or separation agreement, or tickets you may have been issued, an attorney will be able to help you cipher through these documents and explain them in the easiest way for you to understand.